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NEW !!!    MONOBLOCK UNIT for transport refrigeration commercial vehicles    

 •  Evaporator, Condenser and Electric Compressor (for STBY operation) are integrated in one unit.
 •  The Evaporator takes no room up in the refrigerated box – thus saving additional space for loaded goods
 •  Heating function as standard in addition to cooling and freezing operations
 •  Easy and quick installation – the new Monoblock unit is mounted on the front of the cooling box with six screws only
 •  Better accessible service and maintenance


IAA Nutzfahrzeuge, Hannover 22. - 29.09.2016 HALL 11 BOOTH D01


AERO 2503 12 kW Rooftop unit    (Mini Buses with Side Ducts)   with Electronic Controller



DAICA Dokker from 2012 - Refrigeration Added to Original Front A/C Unit Systems

CE-480 Ceiling Mount Evaporator (w/o front)    4 Kw

CE-481 Ceiling Mount Evaporator (w/o front) 4.2 Kw

TRCRH-224, 12V, +0°C, R134a Transport Refrigeration Condensers with Heating 

RC-1250, 12V,  7.5 Kw, Rooftop Parallel Flow Condensers
RC-1251, 24V,  7.5 Kw, Rooftop Parallel Flow Condensers

RC-750, 7.5 Kw, Rooftop Parallel Flow Condenser 12V
RC-751, 7.5 Kw, Rooftop Parallel Flow Condenser 24V

 TA-2228, 11.5 Kw (Designed for Mini Buses with Side Ducts) with Recirculation Flap

 TA-2229, 13 Kw (Designed for Mini Buses with Side Ducts) with Recirculation Flap

Electric Step  Ford Transit ( 60 cm, 90 cm, 110 cm ) 2015 


CE-700, 6.2 Kw, 12V (w/o Front) Ceiling Mount Evaporator

CE-701, 6.5 Kw, 24V (w/o front) Celling Mount Evaporator
CE-1200, 11.2 Kw 12V (w/o Front) Ceiling Mount Evaporator
CE-1201, 24V Kw Ceiling Mount Evaporator (w/o Front)


FC-10, 12V Underfloor Fin & Tube Condenser 

FC-11, 24V Underfloor Fin & Tube Condenser 



FC-10 (12V)  Underfloor Fin & Tube Condenser FC-11 (24V)  Underfloor Fin & Tube Condenser        
Cooling Box Front Wall Mounting Stand-By Condenser
 TRCW - Condenser (Wall Mounting) 12V/24V, 3Kw/4kw
Battery Driven Electric Refrigeration




Transport Refrigeration System


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