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Electric Doors & Steps

"Electric Sliding Doors & Steps" -This line of products improves the life of passengers and drivers. The innovative concept takes you into a new area of safety, comfort and security. The electric sliding door for delivery vans is time saving and efficient. Remote controlled it makes the job of the driver much easier. The electric step ensures safe and easy stepping in and out of the vehicle especially important for seniors and children. The step slides automatically in and out, when closing/opening the vehicle's door. The ALEX ORIGINAL – "Electrically Operated Front Right Door" and "Sliding Door" make passenger's life extremely comfortable and safe. The driver can operate both doors from his seat. This electrical system is the key to meet time schedules, where every minute counts. Maintenance free-easy installation. Automated rear loading doors for delivery vans: a giant step ahead in efficiency, a treat for your driver, who wears the    "Alex remote control wrist watch" and by touching any fixed object, even at 20 mtr. distance, rear doors will open/close doors, Hands free, no more of putting down and picking up cartons – it is  goodbye back pain with this ingenuous system. No need for additional locks. Easy installation