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About Us


ALEX ORIGINAL was established in 1959 and is one of the leading automotive air-conditioning & transport refrigeration manufactures with worldwide reputation. In our R&D department, the heart and the brain of our company, our engineers and craftsmen plan and develop innovations for a wide range of products. It has been our vision of our company in over 50 years existence, that apart from highest quality, all of our products should be easy to install. This guideline accompanies our R&D department in every thought and step. ALEX ORIGINAL implemented from the very first days, the unconventional and innovative concept of designing and manufacturing all components and products in-house. Each of our departments is equipped with state – of- the art machinery, enabling efficient and short manufacturing times, meeting every deadline required.

ALEX ORIGINAL manufactures:
A/C Rooftop units for mini and midi buses and coaches
Transport Refrigeration Systems 
Electric Doors & Steps 
A/C Commercial & Heavy Duty Condensers & Evaporators

All our products comply with European Union regulations. Over the decades the pioneering spirit of ALEX ORIGINAL developed a large number of technical innovations, that were of major importance to the world automotive industry.

THE FIFTIES - The “Pneumatic Power Steering System” for trucks and buses, at a time when no power steering system was known to the world.
THE SIXTIES – The “Pneumatic Door – Opening System" for buses. The "Exhaust Brake System” for heavy trucks & buses, The "Shock Absorbing" driver seat.
THE SEVENTIES through the EIGHTIES - ALEX ORIGINAL developed in the early seventies A/C systems for European cars. In course of time over 700 models were developed for this market. The "Engine Load Control Device" for air conditioning systems for low powered vehicles. The device enabled for the first time to equip cars with small engines, with air conditioning. THE NINTIES – “Parallel Flow Condensers” in order to meet the standard of the ozone friendly R134a, more efficient condensers were required. ALEX ORIGINAL met the challenge and build a production line for its own parallel flow condensers. In the nineties ALEX ORIGINAL was honored with the prestigious "Industry Pioneer Award" by the American "International Mobile Air Conditioning Association" for remarkable technological achievements. This decade – ALEX ORIGINAL expanded the development of an endless range of air conditioning units for both commercial vehicles and buses of different sizes. Transport refrigeration units were created for any kind of vehicle and are suitable for applications of almost any kind. Another milestone in our never ending search for innovations is the product line of "Electric Sliding Doors &Steps" for minibuses and delivery vans. Here too, as in so many other products developed and designed at ALEX ORIGINAL, it is the totally different approach, that makes all the difference. ALEX ORIGINAL is a privately owned company with a staff of 240 highly skilled employees. The
company is located in its own, 18000 sq. m' modern and fully air conditioned multi-floor building.